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Professional ASP.Net 1.0 Special Edition
  Professional ASP.NET 1.0 Special Edition
  Chapter 1 - A Fast Track Guide to ASP.NET
  Ch 2 - Understanding the .NET Framework
  Chapter 3 - The .NET Langauges
  Ch 4 - Writing ASP.NET Pages
  Chapter 5 - Server Controls and Validation
  Chapter 6 - ASP.NET Web Form Controls
  Ch 7 - List Controls and Data Binding
  Ch 8 - Introducing .NET Data Management
  Ch 9 - Working with Relational Data
  Ch 10 - Updating Relational Data Sources
  Ch 11 - XML Data Management in .NET
  Ch 12 - Web Applications and global.asax
  Ch 13 - Configuration
  Ch 14 - Securing ASP.NET Applications
  Ch 15 - Working with Collections and Lists
  Ch 16 - Working with Other Base Classes
  Ch 17 - .NET Components
  Ch 18 - Building ASP.NET Server Controls
  Ch 19 - Exposing Web Services
  Ch 20 - Using Web Services
  Ch 21 - Mobile Controls
  Ch 22 - Tracing, Error Handling, Debugging, and Performance
  Ch 23 - Migration and Interoperability
  Ch 24 - Case Study - IBuyAdventure.NET
  App A - The Common System Namespaces
  App B - Scott Guthrie's Top Performance Tips
  App C - References and Further Information
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Professional ASP.Net 1.0 Special Edition
Professional ASP.Net 1.0 Special Edition

Richard Anderson, Brian Francis, Alex Homer, Rob Howard, David Sussman, Karli Watson

ISBN 1861007035
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Book Synopsis:

This comprehensive compendium provides a broad and thorough investigation of all aspects of programming with ASP.NET. Entirely revised and updated for the Golden Release of .NET, this book will give you the information you need to master ASP.NET and build dynamic, successful, enterprise Web applications.

In this book, we:

- Explain what ASP.NET is, and how it makes building applications even easier

- Show how easy it is to work with ASP.NET pages and server-side controls

- Access data of all kinds in our ASP.NET pages, and introduce ADO.NET

- Examine how XML is an integral part of data manipulation

- Use Web Services to provide asynchronous background services to applications

- Discuss and demonstrate the ASP.NET application framework

- Show how easy it is to build and deploy custom ASP.NET controls

- Combine the concepts discussed in the book into an ASP.NET application

- Discuss how it is possible to migrate from ASP to ASP.NET

This book is part of the following libraries:
ASP.NET First Edition Offer ASP.NET First Edition Offer
This package is for owners of Professional ASP.NET (first edition: ISBN 1861004885)

ASP.NET Special Edition Offer ASP.NET Special Edition Offer
This package is only available to owners of Professional ASP.NET v1.0 Special Edition (ISBN 1861007035)
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