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Visual Basic
Enterprise Application Architecture with VB, ASP, MTS

US Price:$ 59.99
Canadian Price:C$ 89.95
UK Price: 55.49
Publication Date: May 99
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Joseph Moniz
Visual Basic

Enterprise server developers have always had to cope with feeling inferior to their mainframe cousins. Until now. In this book, I will provide you with the means to create an available, scalable, and secure enterprise system. I will show you how to divide your system both logically and physically, so as to distribute the processing and not the data - the ultimate goal of Enterprise Architecture.

I will introduce you to my n-sphere architecture which allows you to efficiently scale your system whilst leaving the data centralized and focused. Using this design, I will then teach you how to construct totally reusable 'Enterprise Caliber Data Objects' that have the ability to track the complete history of their data, allowing for unlimited undo's. Using these Data objects, I will show you how to efficiently construct business objects and applications, and how to deploy them across the enterprise. All the code in this book is available for you to download and study.

What does this book cover?

  • An important new model for enterprise development
  • The n-sphere enterprise architecture - focus your processing towards the data store
  • Enterprise Caliber Data Objects - and their key data handling processes
  • The power of 4-Dimensional Data objects
  • Unlimited undo's on your objects using an audit history
  • MTS, IIS and SQL Server in an enterprise solution
  • How to build a fault tolerant enterprise system capable of parallel processing
  • Separate your business rules and reuse your Data objects to construct business objects and components
  • Deploy your applications to clients over the desktop and web using ASP and DHTML
  • The Object Factory Utility, which automatically generates Data objects
  • Important information for enterprise developers and system managers

Summary of Contents

Chapter 1: Delivering an Enterprise
Chapter 2: Available, Scalable, and Secure
Chapter 3: Clustering & Server Farm Design
Chapter 4: Introduction to Enterprise Caliber Data Objects
Chapter 5: The Application Object
Chapter 6: The ErrCond Object
Chapter 7: The Computer Object
Chapter 8: Introduction to the 4-Dimensional Data Object
Chapter 9: The Administrative Interface
Chapter 10: Level II Objects
Chapter 11: Administering Properties
Chapter 12: Working with the Property Bag
Chapter 13: Connecting Objects
Chapter 14: Veneers, Components, and Applications
Chapter 15: Deploying Across an Enterprise
Chapter 16: Active Server Pages

Appendix A: The Code in this Book
Appendix B: Some Additional Considerations
Appendix C: Additional Code
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