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Joe Daurril skills summary, as of 26-Sep-2006;


Retired from active employment in 1999, as soon as eligible under Social Security.  Much of present free time spent in the development of several personal websites, lately consolidated under  Pages therein are principally developed thru the use of MS Word, augmented by tables originated in MS Excel and fine-tuned with basic HTML.  At least one of the sites comes in an ASP-SQL version, which requires direct access to a Server for its implementation. 


In the year before my retirement I worked as a payroll clerk-programmer in a 100-plus driver operation at Tampa Airport, and was also briefly project consultant to a pharmaceutical software development company.  Simultaneously, shortly after my arrival in Tampa in late 1986 I began a 10-year association as a Producer with local Public Access, creating studio programs and capturing remote events with their 3-camera mobile unit.  Incidental to several of my employments in this period of my life I wrote desktop applications appropriate to the enterprise, which I never succeeded in marketing.


From 1980-86 I worked mostly in Los Angeles, starting there for three years as a mainframe Software Engineer with its Community College District.  The decline in that environment's need for hand-crafted programming (at any level) become quite apparent, so I additionally taught Visual Basic at LACCD's Valley College for several semesters. 


I began my data processing career in Chicago in 1965, under the auspices of LBJ's Manpower Redevelopment Act.  There followed many years of what was called assembly-level programming, which is code written for direct execution by a system's CPU.  My employers typically used IBM equipment, which significantly varied from the (then) "mid-sized" 1400-series, to the "full-sized" s/360's.  On at least three occasions, my job title referred to a "Manager-Programmer," which meant I wrote applications as well as directed their local use.


Rolling the clock back even further, my first attempt at a vocation probably began with my 1957 enlistment in the USAF, choosing then to specialize in radar-electronics.  Throughout the 1960's my employment regularly alternated between bench work in electronics and full-time manual record keeping, until I thought I might combine those interests by working in the then-new field of computers.



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0707 Professional IE4 Programming

107x original

107x original source

107x Visual Basic 6.0 Business Objects

1266 pro ASP 2.0

1266 Professional Active Server Pages 2.0

2025 Professional VB6 Databases

2076 VB6 Pro Objects

222x Web

2238 Beginning Java 2

2580 Enterprise Application Architecture

2726 Beginning ASP Databases

2882 ASP-comp-x

2947 Beginning Web Development with Visual Interdev 6

3064 Beginning Visual Basic SQL Server 7

3064a Beginning Visual Basic SQL Server 7


3218 Alex Homers ASP 3.0

3382 beg ASP 3.2

3382 extra

3986 Beginning E-Commerce with Visual Basic, ASP, SQL Ser


4028 Professional ASP XML

5598 Beginning XML 2e

7035 Professional ASP.Net 1.0 Special Edition

7086 VB NET Class Design Handbook

7442 Namespace-x



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